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Recent Papers

Monopolistic Competition and Optimum Product Diversity Under Firm Heterogeneity

Awarded the Chair Jacquemin Prize                         Accepted, J of Political Economy

(with Swati Dhingra)

Left, Right, Left: Income, Learning and Political Dynamics

(with Michael Carter)                                                 Accepted, J of Public Economics                                       

Productivity As If Space Mattered: An Application to Factor Markets Across China

(with Wenya Cheng, Kitjawat Tacharoen)                 Accepted, J of Industrial Economics

The Political Economy of Inclusive Growth

(with Michael Carter)                                                 R&R, American J of Ag Economics

Efficiency in Large Markets with Firm Heterogeniety

(with Swati Dhingra)                                                 Accepted, Research in Economics

Product Diversification in Indian Manufacturing

(with Johannes Boehm, Swati Dhingra)                   in New Developments in Global Sourcing

Benford’s Law, Families of Distributions, and a Test Basis

                                                                                  CEP Discussion Paper No 1291

Swimming Upstream: Input-Output Linkages and the Direction of Product Adoption

(with Johannes Boehm, Swati Dhingra)     

                                                                                  CEP Discussion Paper No 1407

Working Drafts

Is Skill Dispersion a Source of Productivity and Exporting in Developing Countries?

Work In Progress

Dynamics of Firm Location Decisions

 (with J. Groeger, R. Lessem, and Y. Takahashi)